February 1, 2018
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Orthotics and Ergonomics


Many foot supports are not formed from your foot but sized like standard shoes.
A TRUE CUSTOM Biomechanical Foot Orthotics will promote good posture and support joint health beginning where the foot meets the ground.  An Orthotic is a supportive device that is placed the shoe to enhance the mechanical function of your foot. These supports are calibrated for your weight and foot type. Customized foot orthotics can reduce pain and foot problems from unsupported "flat feet".  These conditions include; plantar fascitis, bunions, corns, Morton's Neuroma or hammertoes.  Poor foot biomechanics can also lead to other dysfunctions affecting the knees, hips and back.  If addressed early these problems can be prevented and reversed often preventing the need for surgery. 

Sole Supports© are an investment in good postural and joint health.  Inquire if orthotics would benefit you. To learn more   www.solesupports.com
Ruth Coopee OTR/L is a Certified Fitter of Sole Supports


We are often unaware of our posture during simple or repetitive tasks However we feel the effects at the end of our day.  Pain at night and as we try to sleep "shuts off" our mind and provides a moment for our body to command attention.  At this point we "need to listen".  Poor posture and repetitive activity often results in medical conditions and worsens over time.  Simple changes and modifications can encourage proper posture and alleviate pain and further physical damage.

Our goal in addition to alleviating your current aches and pains is to find the cause of the problem.  Evaluating and making simple modifications to your workplace, home or office  can prevent and reverse physical stress during the day. Recommendations for improved sleep positions will allow you a good nights rest.  

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